May I Join You?


The last time I wrote you, I had asked for your help.  This time I am asking you to let me join you in creating a different world.  A world with more peace, love, caring, and joy. If this is the world you want, please take everything I share with you about Thought Field Therapy, justice, communications, and human processes and pass it along.

Most people seek to quickly eliminate anxiety and pain with Thought Field Therapy.  This is wonderful when you feel better.   However, there is a bigger mission – Creating a world of peace and justice where we are empowered to fully express and share the gifts given to us with life.  The first step to any change is to bring about a shift in our awareness, whether that be in an issue we are currently dealing with, or our overall outlook on our situation.  When trapped living in pain, fear, and anxiety every day our only focus are the overwhelming feelings that come along with those sorts of issues. For example, you might find yourself in a situation or stage in your life that causes you to spin your wheels, grind yourself to bone, all the while feeling like things are spinning out of control. This is your anxiety talking. Reduce this pain and fear demanding all our energy using TFT and you will notice the possibility of ending the source of our suffering. Suffering and pain from the violence of social, economic, personal, and environmental injustice is the source of our purposeful reaction, shutting down awareness- when we need to make a change. Preventing further power inequities by thinking clearly, connecting with like minded people and changing the focus of our communities to caring comes from our awareness and  is possible when we tap.

Try this

Notice what you are thinking.  In your mind are you focused on reading this or is there other thoughts pulling at your attention.

Notice what is happening in your body.  Are you relaxed and at ease with your breathing and your position or are other sensations demanding your attention?  If you are anything but relaxed in your body and calm in your mind, then tap the crisis tapping pattern. (link to pattern)

My life experience leads me to expect that all change requires the active participation of those living those changes.  TFT is a powerful form of active participation. Tapping allows you to engage and participate in using your words and action to achieve your desires.

Tapping by itself will not make you lose weight or gain muscle

Tapping by itself will not take you to the next level of spiritual growth –to enlightenment

Tapping by itself will not give you joy and love

Tapping by itself will not heal your love relationships

Tapping by itself will not allow you to live life forward fully.


But Tapping makes the work so much easier and more fun.

Tapping will give you the tools to deal with feelings that are holding you back from living your best life

Tapping will empower you to walk through overwhelming feelings with more control and ease

And lastly, tapping will provide you with the tools to live your life as if you are in the driver seat. In control and In tune.   

We do not talk ourselves out of the fear and pain reactions that happen automatically to keep us safe and alive.  We change these limiting reactions the same way we learned them – experientially. TFT gives us a new experience than the one we had when in the learned triggered, emotional, and  overwhelmed states that stop us from using all of our brain and resources.  Once you have used Thought Field Therapy in one of those triggered overwhelmed moments, you know its power.  If you have not yet used TFT give it a try. 

I have spent the last 23 years of my life practicing and exploring the knowledge and skills of Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy.  At my first exposure to TFT I was intrigued, fascinated, and excited by the possibilities in my Traumatic Stress Recovery work.  TFT ended my drug addiction, heal my compassion fatigue, and gave me the strength to continue. The more I learned, the more I explored, and the more I looked beyond by initial interest, the more excited I became.  Today this excitement continues to sustain my professional and personal commitment to finding even more ways to use Dr. Callahan’s brilliant discoveries to end suffering.

If your Mission statement includes any of the following, please use all I write and say and let me join you:

Create a world of peace and social, economic, and environmental justice.

 Empower each individual to fully express and share the gifts of life.

Be fully into the moment connect with kindness, empathy, and gratitude.

Know all the value of self and others.


I want to know what you think.  I need to know what is helpful. Email me at

End the pain of the past and transform fear of the future into plans and actions of joy.

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