We’ve been honored to work with countless private psychotherapy and coaching clients for more than 30 years. In addition, we’ve been conducting TFT trainings for more than two decades. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with us


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“I took the TFT Boot Camp over a weekend in Calgary this past spring, and despite being somewhat skeptical at first, I have to say by the end of the weekend I had decided it was fabulous!  I felt awesome after that weekend, and
since then TFT has helped me deal with some physical and emotional challenges
in my life, and left me feeling energized and ready to face more challenges!  I would love to learn more and take the Toxins course, and have set those as my goals.
Dr. Bray was a fantastic instructor with a lot of personal experience and analogies to color the training, making the weekend interesting, informative, and most of all invigorating!”
—Christina, Calgary AB

“I attended your last workshop here and I was the last person you treated on the last day. I have been so much better and definitely eliminating wheat has been incredible, I have dropped 5 kilos since then. However, I still feel hungry and seek to replace it with low GI and all are not that good. ..I must thank you again for the wonderful experience in body and mind, I know that there must be other toxins to clear and eliminate from my diet but so far I can’t find anyone to practice with. But I shall follow your recommendation to grab anyone to muscle test me.”
—Linda, Sydney NS

“I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time.  I know you probably don’t remember me, but I took your TFT training at an ICISF conference in San Francisco about four years ago.  I’ve been with the Minneapolis Fire Department for almost 26 years, both as a firefighter and a fire captain.  I now manage our department’s internal EAP program, which I started almost seven years ago. I just wanted to let you know that TFT has been my treatment of choice for people who are in immediate crisis or who are having problems self-regulating due to a recent traumatic event or some other anxiety-producing event in their lives. While it may not make everything immediately better in their lives at the moment or make the problem go away, I’ve found that it calms them down enough so that they can think about the event more calmly or clearly without feeling overwhelmed emotionally and physically. I know I’ve easily used TFT dozens of times over the years, both with firefighters and civilians.  People are usually very surprised at the results and feel very grateful afterwards.  In most cases, one 20-30 minute session is all that is needed after assessing them.  Even with my longer-term clients, it has proven useful when they seem stuck or would like to try something different.  Again, they are usually surprised at the results.  Overall, the TFT training I took from you has proven more useful than most of the other trainings I’ve attended mainly because I’ve been able to use it right away with positive results.
—Mark, San Francisco, CA

“I have recently attended TFT Boot Camp in Oakland, Ca and met Robert Bray as our trainer. He is an amazing man who gave of his time yesterday to help one of my patients, a Veteran of Iraq war twice deployed suffering with PTSD since 2005. She was miserable. I could not touch her with my basic level of expertise although I gave it a good try. I called Robert and although he was on his way to his vacation he gave my patient direct attention via phone. I was so proud to be working with you all.”
—Joanne, Oakland, CA

"Thought Field Therapy helped me make lasting changes when nothing else had. I tried to manage overwhelming depression and PTSD for 25+ years seeing doctors, trying medications, talking to therapists, and particularly disruptive, multiple hospitalizations. Working with Bob and using TFT brought all of that to a swift end. TFT settled my overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and memories in a matter of minutes. I was finally able to make progress toward moving my life forward. Bob is an amazing teacher and therapist; I hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunity to experience and practice Thought Field Therapy."
—Kate Morgan

"Thought Field Therapy by Dr Robert Bray has been instrumental to my successful healing process. I am an incest survivor, rape survivor and spousal abuse survivor. During the therapeutic appointments with him, using the tapping cycles he introduces are critical to keeping me grounded and thinking. It allows me to move back from the chaotic emotions that come up when we are working. The customized tapping sequences he has given me for use at home help me to help myself stay in the moment. The tapping keeps me from spiraling back into the emotions from the past and stay in the present. I would recommend his process to anyone dealing with sexual trauma."
—Linda Litteral

"Dr. Bray is one of the best most respected psychotherapist in the nation. He is a thought leader in cutting edge approaches to dissolving trauma, phobias and anxieties. I have personally experienced a change from being afraid of bats and heights to now being free of those fears. I highly recommend you experience Dr. Brays work, through his classes and individual session, you will be glad you did."
—Sabrina Braham, MA,PCC,MFT, Executive coach,Corporate consultant, CEO of Women’s Leadership Success

“The willingness to face my buried emotional trauma and unhealed pain combined with the specialized trauma work with Dr Robert L. Bray, has allowed for a successful outcome. With the use of thought field therapy (TFT Tapping) as an important part of that therapy, it allowed me to emotionally heal. Not only did the Tapping help rewire my brain, it also gave me an instant tool to help myself in any upsetting situation. Working with Dr Bray and learning his Tapping techniques to help myself learn how to quickly get out of the emotional reaction brain and into the thinking brain, and to face and heal my emotional trauma, has been the best self-care and the best gift I’ve ever given myself!”
—Holly Dickinson

“I am enjoying my life and the choices I make.”

“He freed me from a continual loop of suffering and pain.”