The Act of Asking For Help

I had to tap before writing this one.  Because asking for help in anyway is always emotional for me.  Maybe because I was raised in poverty. Maybe because I was fat and pimply as a child. Maybe because of …… My self-esteem is not as high as I would like it to be, and I fear I am not worthy of help- just not good enough.  And only with the help of the Causal Diagnostic protocols can I write something as venerable as this.

I know that I am not alone in these feelings, and many people feel unworthy of help. Whether that is masked by low self-esteem, or even feeling as if you are too good for the help you are in need of.   So before I get on with asking for help I will remind  you that in Thought Field Therapy we have a standard tapping pattern (algorithm) developed by Suzanne Connolly.  Rate your sense of how much you value and care for yourself  0-10 (ten is the good number on this one)- tap EB(eyebrow) , E(under eye), A(under arm) , C (under collarbone), IF (index finger), C,(collarbone) UN(under nose), Chin- 9 Gamut series, repeat previous tapping. Remember to correct for reversals as needed. If you are trained in Basic Thought Field Therapy this should be easy.  Contact me if you need help with this.

That was a good stall. The previous paragraph was me doing my take ‘care of other first’ before taking a risk of asking for help. The tricky thing, and what I find to be the most difficult when it comes to asking for help is the feeling I associate with the act of putting myself on the line, and I believe many can relate. A lot of the times, both personally and when I’m working with clients and I notice the response when I ask people to ask for help, they fear it will not be reciprocated, or it’s seen as a pubic assertion of failure on their part.( Which is a big reason people do not go to therapy) And as I grapple with these feelings, I stumbled upon a very obvious reality of how much I love to help people. I don’t view my clients as failures simply because they are coming to me, asking for help, I believe we are all worthy of help, and I’d like to believe that most people feel the same. Helping someone in whatever way we can, makes us feel good, it reminds us of our own perspectives and challenges us to understand others. The act of giving, makes us feel a sense of validation of own lives, we shift our perspectives of ourselves when we can  help others and it demonstrates, quite frankly, that we in are in a place to give, a place of abundance- while others at the moment may not be.

This all relates to asking for help, because it should show us that although we may be seeking help now, at some point in your life, you’ve helped someone and it made you feel some sort of positive emotion worthiness, happiness, protectiveness, security ….In that light, we can  begin to see the intimate relationship between venerability and joy, and ancient practice of giving and receiving. If asking for help is getting in the way, think about as receiving something you have already given. Don’t allow the ego, which holds the perceptions of ourselves, that low self-esteem, the feeling of being unworthy etc.. to block what it is that is coming to you naturally. We are all worthy of help, just like we know that of others, we should know that of ourselves. Help does not mean you’ve failed or you are weak, it means you are human and it reminds us that our venerability and humility can be the next step in the natural progression of life. After all that I will have to tap again before asking, graciously for help.  😊

What I would like help with, is making some changes in my way of doing business.  If you or anyone you know can help, I would greatly appreciate this.  I am committing to reaching more people with TFT – doing more live training, virtual training’s, online training’s, more speaking to non-profits, and conferences. I want to reach beyond the energy psychology and trauma associations I have been attending.  To do this I need to change the way I do business with individual clients.  I will do fewer session a week and move away from health insurance payments.  This will allow me to have the time to do proposals, outreach, and prep for different audiences.  To do this I need to rent out more offices in my condo and to find another therapist to take on insurance clients. Again, I am avoiding asking for help by explaining myself. I will tap again. It is a good thing I am good at this tapping stuff.

So please help me by spreading the work I have space to rent (see ad below).  Please spread the work I need to share my psychotherapy Thought Field Therapy based practice with someone willing take health insurance.  Please spread the word I want to reach more people with speaking and training.  The larger the number I am speaking to or training the better. If you know some who sets up training’s or speaking please tell them you know some one who is good at demonstrating, explaining, teaching and sharing cutting edge healing techniques.

Well I asked and I feel good about it. We are on this journey together.  Heal the Pains of the Past and Transform the Fears of the Future into Plans of Joy.

Thanks for your help.


Hwy 8 at Fairmount Ave. One to three offices available $500- $700 each full time- Negotiable.  An owner-occupied office condo suite. Good sound proofing, large window, handicapped accessible, free parking, waiting room, light signaling system, kitchenette, in suite restroom.  Willing to work with those starting a private practice. Robert Bray 619-977-0804




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