Do I need a therapist to use TFT?

Many individuals use TFT as a self-help technique to help heal symptoms such as Traumatic Stress, anxiety, cravings, pain or other discomfort. If you are working to resolve underlying, long standing, or complex conditions more advance forms of TFT directed by psychotherapist will speed the process changing your life.

How long does Thought Field Therapy take? ivermectin oral paste

Each tapping pattern or techniques only take a minute or two. You may need to do several repetitions each time. Usually you will find some improvement with each tapping.
Making change in your lifestyle or resolving core issues may take more time. If the problems were developed over a lifetime don’t expect an instant change, but Thought Field Therapy will turbo charge both traditional and cutting edge new psychotherapies.

How will I know I am better?

You will feel different, you will change your behavior, and those around you will respond differently to your interactions. As with all therapies the final determination about how effective it is for you, is how you change.

Who will Thought Field Therapy help?

Thought Field Therapy is not age, language, or cultural specific. Infants and individuals over 90 years old have been treated successfully with Thought Field Therapy. Children and adolescences find it easy and fun to use. Thought Field Therapy instructions have been translated into over 15 languages around the world. At the advanced levels Thought Field Therapy, there is no limit to conditions which may benefit. TFT only makes a positive change or there is no change at all and no harm will result from trying it.

How much does it cost and will my health insurance cover this cost?

Dr. Bray charges for treatment.by his time. Consultation, coaching, training, speaking and writing service rates vary. His usual hourly rate is $300.00 per hour.
Dr. Bray is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of California and is a covered provider by some insurances. When diagnosed with a condition covered by your insurance you may be reimbursed some of the cost for services. Call consumer services of your health insurance to check your coverage. Feel free to call Dr. Bray’s office with any questions.

Who can learn Thought Field Therapy?

Everyone. Start Tapping to test how it can help you. ivermectina para perros con sarna Instructions for the Crisis Tapping is available on the App and in the Book. The online Basic training is open to anyone wanting to help themselves, friends and families, or one’s clients. how ivermectin works Once you learn it you can use it within your personal, organizational, or professional scope of practice or expertise. Thought Field Therapy has been incorporated into many approaches to healing, improving performance, and enhancing relationships. Intermediate and Advanced Training is open to those completing the Basic Workshop.

Can I be treated at home?

At the Advanced levels Thought Field Therapy treatments can be easily done over the telephone or video calls.