Simply put, sometimes life is really hard. Maybe you’re right in the middle of dealing with a major family crisis and it feels like everything you know and love is being ripped away from you. Or perhaps some trauma from your past has crept up into your present, making it difficult for you to separate the “then and there” from the “here and now.” Possibly, you’ve really needed the help of a therapist for a long time, yet for whatever reason, you haven’t pursued it.

Take a deep breath. It’s no coincidence that you found this website. For more than 30 years I’ve been helping people just like you navigate challenging circumstances. Now, I want to help you.

I offer psychotherapy services to families, individuals, couples and children in my San Diego counseling office, located right in the heart of Mission Gorge. In addition, I am pleased to offer Skype therapy to clients unable to visit my office in person.

Need help healing your marriage? Have a child that’s making poor choices? Struggling with depression, anxiety or anger management? I invite you to contact me and learn how I can help.