Reflections Of The Season

What stands out for you about you as we wrap up this holiday session? Of all the aspects of this holiday session, I notice the length of the day and night. It is a time when I often find myself struggling to keep my energy level up. kasyno online bonus bez depozytu Often, I notice my excitement for the daily activities and interaction is lower and I feel more of an effort to remember my mission to end unnecessary suffering and create a more positive world. “Healing Pains from the past, transforming fears of the future into plans of joy”, generating the energy to take this position seems to be harder at this season for me. I know that for some I am just being a downer and for many, this holiday season reeves you up. And, I am so glad to know you are there. So let me share a couple of more thoughts and reflections during this sensitive time of year.

First, my reflections on the ending year can bring some positive cyclical energy. zakłady sportowe i bukmacherskie kontra multilotek chomikuj This year I can see the importance of kindness. The kindness of my clients who remind me of my value to them. One woman responded to a question of how she choose me, to help her through the suicide of her husband, “you were the only counselor I called who started by saying you felt sorry for what I was going through.” I hope I always remember expressions of generosity are the best points of contact when touching those who are hurting. Another client returned after 24 years. Now at eighty years of age, she was having some health and relationship challenges. When I asked why me, she said what she remembered was a couple of ways that I helped her understand her situation. But, more importantly, she remembered how kind I was.” Their kindness in sharing these thoughts was lovely. Hearing just these two acknowledgments of me certainly helps me get through these short days. gry casino automaty online Long nights are a good time for such reflections. With all that said, remembering why we are important to people, and how with our own unique set of skills, we affect those around us in positive and joyous ways can create in us, a sense self-gratitude. Which is important as we often overlook our own needs and requirements for self-care. Reflect this season on the kindness we have shown others and also the kindness which others have shown us. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our contributions to others, in order for us to give more fully and receive with more grace and presence.

Second, remember to tap. At this time of year even those who rush out with positive expectations into the celebrations, emotional stress generally increases. Tapping reduces the over-activation that comes with the stimulation of family, friends, and things to be done. With my increased sensitivity some things may bother me that at other times of the year would not bother me, so I tap. I give those around me special permission to, without hesitation to remind me to tap when they think I need it.

So reflect kindly on yourself and tap. Hope to see you at a Thought Field Therapy workshop somewhere next year. Happy holidays!

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