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Beginners Guide To Thought Field Therapy

If you’re new to Thought Field Therapy (TFT), it can be hard to know where to start. And if you have experience using TFT for yourself, but are struggling to introduce it to a friend or loved one, I want to help!

Today, I’m going to cover Thought Field Therapy For Beginners.

Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy Tapping Points

What Can Thought Field Therapy Do?

If you found your way to this blog because you were searching for relief from challenges associated with depression, sleeplessness, PTSD, an addiction, sexual abuse or something else, I’m glad you’re here! TFT has helped countless people just like you start and continue their healing journeys. The best part? It’s drug-free, pain-free and side effect-free. Plus you can do it in the privacy of your own home without any professional assistance aside from what you find in my videos.

Before you go any further, let me assure you, the best way to get acquainted with this extremely powerful healing technique is to watch a demonstration of it and follow along so you can experience the transformation it provides for yourself.

Try Thought Field Therapy Now:

Now that you’ve watched the video, let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

Thought Field Therapy looks weird.

I get it. In fact, when I first learned about TFT, I thought it was crazy and I vividly remember thinking there’s no way in hell I was going to try this on myself and I certainly wasn’t going to share it with my clients.

But then, everything changed. I learned it wasn’t going to hurt me and I agreed to try it. At the time, I had been a high-functioning addict for more than 20 years. After trying TFT on myself for the first time, something unheard of happened: I lost the urge to get high. In fact, I kicked a 20 year addiction, in just 4 days.

That experience changed the trajectory of my personal life and career and since then I’ve shared the power of TFT with thousands of people all around the world. Most recently, I brought TFT to Las Vegas immediately after the mass shootings. I also brought it to Texas after Hurricane Harvey. I’ve personally witnessed its healing power countless times in countless traumatic environments and if there’s one thing I know, it’s this: Thought Field Therapy works. In my book, No Open Wounds, Heal Traumatic Stress Now, and on my YouTube page, you can find several stories of the tremendous impact TFT has had on the lives of those who have suffered trauma of all kinds, including a riveting story shared by a Holocaust survivor.

Thought Field Therapy draws on more than 6,000 years of theory and practice, using the same meridian treatments points used in acupuncture and ancient Chinese Medicine. To learn more about the science behind TFT, watch this short video. You may also be interested in knowing TFT has been recognized by the NREEP (the National Registry of Evidence-Based Practice), and is becoming more well known and more widely accepted every year. It’s currently being used by counselors, first responders, law enforcement, chaplains, nurses, and many other professionals that work with people in crisis, around the world every single day.

One thing people really seem to love about Thought Field Therapy is that it works when many other more conventional therapeutic techniques do not. If cognitive therapy—the kind that requires you to sit on the couch in front of a therapist, rehashing painful stories from your past and present—isn’t helping you, TFT very well might. Since it communicates with the bottom half of the brain—the part that has no words—it’s able to approach healing in a different manner. And often that new approach is just what you need.

Thought Field Therapy is easy to learn and easy to do with just a little training. You can learn the most basic applications on my YouTube channel. Additional applications can be learned in my online training program as well as at my live seminars (FYI – I’ll be adding additional live seminar dates to the calendar soon. Please stay tuned.)

Have more questions? I invite you to join my free Facebook group. It’s a great place to connect with my community of Thought Field Therapy users and learn more about this life-changing healing technique.

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