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How To Share Thought Field Therapy With a Skeptic

So you’re finally convinced. You’ve heard the stories of people who have used Thought Field Therapy and have experienced amazing freedom from pain, anxiety, even addictions. You’ve seen the results, maybe even experienced them yourself.

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Now it’s time to share what you’ve learned with your loved ones, and in some cases, with your clients, co-workers and patients. But what do you do when you come across someone who you know could benefit from TFT, but they’re skeptical?

Maybe this person is battling depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Or maybe they’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, want so badly to quit, but just can’t seem to do it.

So you tell them about this “TFT” thing, and they’re unsure… that’s understandable. You’ve just introduced them to something they’ve most likely never heard of, that wasn’t recommended by a doctor, and that seems very “woo woo”.

You know it works, but really, they’re still skeptical, possibly even critical because it just seems so “out there.”

The good news? Assuming you’ve earned their trust, it’s reasonable to assume they’ll at least have a conversation with you about it.

7 Ways To Share Thought Field Therapy With A Skeptic
  1. Let them sit in their pain for a bit. Talk with them about what they’ve tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t, how they feel when they try another method and it doesn’t work, or works temporarily but ultimately lands them right back where they started. Remind them that there is a reason they are sitting in front of you, looking for another solution.
  2. Share a story. If you can, share your story. Stories are powerful. Telling someone that TFT has the power to diminish anxiety is great. But telling them that you suffered from anxiety so severe that some days you couldn’t even leave your house, and that you used TFT to relieve your own anxiety? That is a story that makes people listen. Need more stories? My book is filled with them.
  3. Share the benefits. Remind them that TFT is quick, easy, painless, and free from any side effects. They literally have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work, they will be no worse off than they are now, and if it does work, they will finally be moving the direction they want to be moving.
  4. Show them the proof. Point them to my site so they can learn more about my background. As much as I’m not one to flaunt the “Dr.” designation before my name, in some skeptic cases, it’s the only thing that opens the door.  That said, use it when you need to. In addition, invite them to watch my YouTube videos where I explain how thought field therapy works, the difference between TFT and EFT, and showcase TFT demonstrations for several common struggles like depression, weight loss, smoking cessation, sexual abuse and more.  In addition, it would be wise to share that licensed therapists, first responders, doctors, nurses, chaplains, etc. are using Thought Field Therapy daily in their work. Do the work for them so that they can focus on their healing.
  5. Focus on empowering them. Imagine trying traditional therapies and treatments for years with little or no results. It can be extremely disempowering. TFT puts the power back in the hands of the person struggling. They are able to take full control of their own healing process. Everyone’s process looks different, so this can be especially important for people who have seen others experience freedom but have been unable to find it for themselves.
  6. Educate them on the foundation behind it. TFT draws on more than 6,000 years of theory and practice, pulling a lot of its foundational ideas from acupressure and ancient Chinese Medicine. Also, make sure they know Thought Field Therapy is approved by NREPP (The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.
  7. Don’t overwhelm them. There’s a lot you could share. You could tell your loved one that fundamentally, we are all energy, that like any other energetic system, we have a control mechanism in which information is processed, and that tapping access that information and edits it as needed. But honestly, that has the potential to be more confusing than helpful.

For now, focus on what TFT does and the very basics of why it works. Thought Field Therapy communicates with the part of the brain that has no words. We are still learning more about how and why it works so in the meantime, focus on the fact that it does work. The saying, “the proof is in the pudding” is apt here, I think. The truth is, once they try it, they’ll see the results and then they’ll be where you are, ready and excited to share Thought Field Therapy with other people.

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