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Why Thought Field Therapy Works

For many people, traditional therapy feels overwhelming. The process of experiencing a trigger and the upset, making an appointment with a therapist, waiting for the appointment time, and then going in and discussing the trauma out loud again… It’s a lot. Too much for a lot of people. And for many, it simply isn’t effective. Thought Field Therapy is different in many ways.

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3 Reasons Thought Field Therapy Works, When Traditional Therapy Might Not:
  • There is no waiting. Thought Field Therapy can be used anywhere, anytime. Once you know the tapping patterns, you have the ability to deal with triggers as they come up, and experience immediate relief.
  • It can be used in conjunction with traditional therapy, or as a standalone method depending on your unique needs.
  • It does not require you to share your upsetting circumstances aloud. Instead, you can simply think about the upset, and start treating yourself.

Thought Field Therapy can be difficult to understand. While we don’t have the ability to get into all of the science behind it in one blog post, we do want to share a basic explanation that can be built upon as you begin to learn more about this powerful healing technique.

When a person remembers, shares, or just thinks about an experience or feeling associated with past trauma, they tune into what we call a “thought field”, essentially the body’s fundamental control mechanism that dictates how we experience and respond to our circumstances. TFT accesses these thought fields and rewrites the way you experience things, which often changes your response to troubling circumstances. The best part? Thought Field Therapy has been 80%+ successful 6 months post-treatment! (SAMHSA has more info about the evidence behind using TFT to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

For more on how TFT works, read this. Today, we want to focus on why it works. Here are a few things for you to consider:

  • TFT pulls a lot of its foundational ideas from acupressure, an offshoot of acupuncture. It is based on the idea that the body has certain important pressure points, or meridians, through which energy flows. Rather than using needles, TFT accesses these meridians by tapping them, giving practitioners the ability to manipulate the flow of energy within the body and make changes in the thought field.
  • It draws on more than 6,000 years of theory and practice, using the same meridian treatment points used in acupuncture and ancient Chinese Medicine.
  • Tapping accesses your thought fields and essentially “switches-off” the negative emotional experience. The memory remains, but the negative emotion (anger, guilt, anxiety, etc.) is gone.
  • There actually is no reason to require people to talk at length about traumatic experiences. Thought Field Therapy removes this step from the process and instead, focuses on thinking about those experiences and then tapping to manage or overcome the emotions and negative thoughts tied to them.
  • It leaves space for every person to process through things in their own way. Traditional therapy doesn’t leave a lot of room for people who the traditional methods don’t work for. TFT can be used alongside traditional therapy, or as it’s own independent treatment, and it can be modified to fit the specific needs of the individual.
  • TFT doesn’t just help you manage your pain and fear, it helps you end your pain and fear.
  • It doesn’t just deal with addictions, it helps you to manage the experiences and emotions that led to those addictions, taking away the triggers that have caused you to relapse in the past.
  • It frees your body of the false “in-the-moment” experience of trauma so that you can begin to observe the past in a useful way and come to some understanding of what has happened and how it has shaped your life.

Because so much of Thought Field Therapy is based on cutting edge concepts and techniques for changing the thoughts and emotions of the person using it, it’s hard to fully understand why it works but what we do know is that it does work! If you’d like to learn more, head over to Facebook and join our community where we post tips and techniques for using TFT as well as answer questions about TFT posed from group members.

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