Is “Life Trauma” a hidden Epidemic?

Is “Life Trauma” a hidden Epidemic? School shootings, rape, bullying, child abuse & neglect, drug & alcohol addictions, homelessness, dysfunctional families, violent crimes even the rise in depression and mental health needs are flooding our world.

The research is done and the numbers are overwhelming (in the Ace study carried out in San Diego, by Kaiser Health Care provider surveyed 17,421 members and found that 67 percent had experienced some form of “life trauma” or extreme stress. The research also revealed profound correlations in health issues. These clients experienced higher probability for heart disease, addiction, cancer, suicide and depression. Even with this valuable research we still resist entering the uncomfortable place of “Life Trauma” – maybe because many of us can see our own pain, or that of our families and communities.

Today our children could not yell any louder. We just need to listen. Visit their schools, playgrounds and hangouts to see the fear in their eyes.

School shootings; bullying and suicide have become a common event in our nation lately.
You don’t have to travel to a military battle zone to see the results of traumatic events. It is here in our communities and for some in their homes.

We are spending billions of dollars treating the symptoms of “Life Trauma.”
Isn’t it time that we focused on prevention?

Trauma may be a fact of life, but the cost belongs to all of us. We have the ability to profoundly reduce the effects of “Life Trauma” as well as prevent many life traumas from happening.

We are fighting for a new kind of freedom.

“Just do right… The truth is: right may not be expedient, it may not be profitable, but it will satisfy your soul.” Maya Angelou

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