2016: Year in Review

Despite a year of political overload, 2016 has been a really good year at the Thought Field Therapy Center of San Diego.

Best of all, I love that TFT has been recognized by NREPP- the National Registry of Evidenced-base Programs and Practices. When I started the application at the beginning of 2015 I had no idea that it would be such a long and involved process. It is done and now we have another easy response to questions about TFT’s from the very creditable Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the US department of Health and Human Services.

My next favorite thing about 2016 was the release of my Apple App – Dr. Robert L Bray: Thought Field Therapy TFT Guide- Free to all is the Crisis Tapping Pattern by touching the red cross after you download it on any Apple device. The feedback after hundreds of downloads is extremely positive. An Android version is on the list to be done in 2017.

This year some changes with TFT training have been developed and tested. The new titles for the trainings help those unfamiliar to TFT know where to start and what is next is getting good feedback. While all of us Tappers know what Algorithm and Causal Diagnostic mean Basic Level instead of Algorithms and Intermediate Level instead of Causal Diagnostic are easier and more useful for newcomers. Draft versions of the manuals are available to TFT instructors.

I have taught the live One Day Basic workshop several times and by the evaluations it is proving to be an efficient means for gaining the skills to help others. And, my online Basic training is now available. I still prefer the live two day version as it does not require the case studies or written review to earn the TFT-ALG title and we have more time to share and learn together.

I have also taught the two day Causal Diagnostic training several times (see pic of the latest and particularly powerful workshop). Because completion of Basic workshop is required we can get right to learning and practicing Dr. Callahan’s specific treatments guided by Muscle Testing. Any live or online Callahan Techniques® approved Basic (Algorithm) training meets the requirements to do the Causal Diagnostic workshop. I just love watching as participants experience Muscle Testing for the first time and begin understanding this way of communicating with the Bottom of the Brain (BOB) and removing the perturbations causing their pains and upsets.

The courses I teach are now Approved for Continuing Education for California LCSW, MFT, LPC through the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapist. I continue to provide CEU’s for California nurses.
My psychotherapy private practice is doing so well I am looking for associate to join me. All this and I presented to hundreds at conferences – ACEP, CAMFT, NOVA, CAIET, ICISF, San Diego Phobia Foundation.

This has been a great year for me. I am grateful to all in my life who have moved us forward in bringing TFT to the world. Happy Holidays and wishing you a wonderful 2017.

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