How To Use TFT To Manage Anxiety 

If I told you that, in just minutes, you could lower your anxiety, or even get rid of it completely, how would you respond?

Well, the good news is, that’s exactly what we’re going to show you how to do today!

When used correctly, Thought Field Therapy has the power to lower, or every completely relieve anxiety within minutes, whether that anxiety is due to your current life circumstances or if it is tied to past trauma.

Take Robbie’s story, for example:

Robbie had been a client for a while and he fully understood Thought Field Therapy and its power. He had found freedom from many negative thoughts and traumatic memories but no matter how much I tried to convince him he needed to, Robbie would not quit smoking. Over the course of a few sessions, we discovered the anxiety Robbie experienced every time we talked about the possibility of his quitting was due to the fact that since he was 12 years old, cigarettes had been like a friend—always there for him when things got rough. From listening to his abusive father beat his mom and older brother, to feeling alone and hopeless after getting divorced and being separated from his own kids, the feel of a cigarette in his hand, the warmth of the smoke, and the immediate rush of nicotine through his body felt like a soothing touch from an old friend. After quitting smoking temporarily, for just a few days, Robbie was finally able to identify the strong feelings of isolation and being out of control that sent his anxiety through the roof and led him to lean back on old, bad habits. We tapped for those feelings and Robbie left my office that day with a renewed hope that he would be able to control his urge moving forward and find a new way to deal with those triggers.

As you can see, TFT is powerful! Today we want to share with you one of our basic TFT Algorithms. While we have more specific and powerful tapping patterns, you can start now by utilizing this general pattern in your day-to-day life, anytime, anywhere.

Thought Field Therapy Crisis Tapping

You can find a free video leading through this Tapping Pattern here as well as in our free app.

Step One: Think about the memory or situation that is causing you to feel anxious. On a scale of 0 to 10, how anxious do you currently feel? Write that number down. Ideally, we want to get that anxiety down to a 0, at which point it is entirely possible that the anxiety will be gone for good.

Step Two: While thinking about the traumatic memory or life situation, tap with your finger tips 5-10 times at the beginning of either eyebrow, then tap under your eye, centered on the bony orbit, high on the cheek. Next, tap 5-10 times, using two fingers, under you arm, about 4 inches below the armpit.  Now tap 5-10 times under your collarbone where it connects to the breast bone. Continue by tapping on the index finger between the last knuckle and the bed of the fingernail, repeat under the collarbone, then on the tiny finger and finally under the collarbone.

Step Three: Nine Gamut Treatments

Locate the gamut spot on the top back of the hand. Make a fist with the non-dominant hand. Place the index finger of the dominant hand in the valley between the little finger and ring finger knuckles. Move the index finger about one inch back towards the wrist. This is the “gamut” point. IMPORTANT. Tap the gamut spot  at least 5 times as you perform each of the following:

  1. Tap with your eyes open
  2. Tap with your eyes closed
  3. Tap with your eyes open and pointed down and to the left
  4. Tap with your eyes open and down and to the right
  5. Tap and whirl your eyes around in a circle in one direction
  6. Tap and whirl you eyes around in a circle in the OPPOSITE direction
  7. Continue tapping but rest your eyes for a moment
  8. Tap as you hum a few notes of a song you know
  9. Tap and count aloud from 1 to 5
  10. Tap and hum a few notes of your tune again

Step Four: Repeat Step 2.

Step Five: Think about the problem in the same way again, rate your upset 0-10 as in step one. If your rating has dropped but is still 3 or above start again at step 2. If your rating is 0, 1, or 2, then go to Step six. If your level of upset stops changing – or did not Change at all — it means that you need a more advanced technique. This tapping pattern is the most basic one used so don’t be discouraged — there are a lot more things to try. Try Step 6 and if there is still no change to your anxiety level, contact us today to get started with a more personalized plan.

Step Six: Tap the Gamut spot on the back of the hand and hold your head level Drop your eyes to the floor and slowly (7 to 10 seconds) rotate your eyes on a vertical line up to the ceiling.

As you can see, this is a simple process which can be used no matter when or where you need it. After you do it two or three times it will be as easy as eating pie and ice cream. Try to put this algorithm into practice this week and let us know how it goes!

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