Intermediate DX – Sedona AZ- April 25-26 2020




TFT Diagnostic Training Program will teach you to diagnose, i.e., determine the precise sequence of tapping required, to quickly address most psychological problems and daily stresses. This course includes hands-on training, practice and live demonstrations with the participants.

Included in this level of training are skills and knowledge to identify and neutralize individual energy toxins (IET’s) often associated chronic and recurring problems.

Plus, special introductions and demonstrations of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) …objective measures of TFT efficacy!

These 14 hours of instruction are designed to meet the objectives of Comprehensive understanding of the history, theory and application of CT-TFT Causal Diagnosis ready to use the powerful technique.

Thought Field Therapy Algorithms are only briefly discussed. You must have complete an approved Basic (Algorithm) training live or online prior to the workshop.

DX workshop Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Describe the Development of Thought Field Therapy and discuss key concepts and theory underlying its practice and current research.
  2. Review and practice Algorithm protocol.
  3. Practice a Kinesiology Muscle Testing technique.
  4. Identify Kinesiology Muscle for each level and type of Psychological Reversal.
  5. Practice identifying and correcting each level and type of Psychological Reversal.
  6. Practice identifying Neurological Disorganization and correction with Collarbone Breathing.  Practice (CB2). Identifying need for Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll.  Practice identifying need for 9-Gamut Series.
  7. Learn and practice Causal Diagnostic Protocol- identifying and resolving Perturbations.
  8. Understand and using a complete SUD scale – negative 10 to positive ten.  Focusing Thought Fields and recognizing switching of thought fields.
  9. Identifying and Neutralizing Individual Energy Sensitivities (IES) with Seven Second Treatment (7ST) protocol.   Describe short and long term impacts of IES’s one’s health.
  10. Recognize personal and professional applications and limits of Thought Field Therapy.