Basic Algorithm- Portland – November 8th, 2019




     What is TFT?

Thought Field Therapy Basic training is designed to help oneself and others to overcome  anxiety, depression, pain, OCD, phobias, addictions, weight loss, as well as the variety of traumatic events that life can throw at us.  It’s completely safe and can work on anyone – even infants and pets. The focus will be on learning and practicing all the standard TFT elements central to achieving rapid and lasting change. Be ready to make change and help others!  Disclosing  of events or sharing details about one’s past is not required. Consistently conquer the emotional “stuff” that’s holding you and your clients back from living the life of your dreams.


(Upon Completion Of The One Day Training)

  1.  Within one’s scope of practice engage others in using TFT techniques.
  2.  Discriminate between applications of TFT in Crisis Intervention (Individual and Group settings), Supportive Services (advocacy, referral, coaching), and psycho therapeutic/clinical treatment.
  3.  Identify the level of Subjective Units of Distress being experienced as observed or reported to guide TFT treatment protocol.
  4. Determine and apply correct standard tapping pattern for elevating negative emotional upset.
  5. Recognize and correct energetic blocks to treatment using TFT techniques.
  6. Give direction for further assistance for higher level of TFT or other services as needed.
  7. Describe TFT in traumatic stress response and recovery as a non-cognitive and experiential approach.
  8. Use TFT in Self-Care to manage overwhelming negative emotional responses.
  9. Reference research and case studies to place TFT in a context of Energy Psychology theory and development.
  10. List the levels of training of TFT and continued skill development.

What You Can Expect In This Training

 ** This is an integrated skill building workshop and the various elements may be broken in segments throughout the day **
  •  Participants will observe live demonstration, lectures, and review materials in manual provided.   Application to all phases of crisis intervention, case management, supportive counseling, and psychotherapy will be addressed along with limitation within types of services and roles of service providers.
  • Participants will practice individually and in small groups the standard written treatment protocols.  As disclosure is not required participants may practice using one’s own experiences.
  • Participants will rehearse sample explanations of TFT and practices responding to common questions regarding TFT.
  • Participants will observe lectures on the development and underlying principles of TFT including videos clips by Dr. Callahan (originator of TFT).
  • Participants discuss briefly a  review of the most relevant published research studies provided in the  training manual.
  • Step by Step practice of the standard TFT Algorithm Protocol will be demonstrated and practiced several times throughout the training.
** A written review of the training will be completed and discussed at the end of the day (continuing education credits are available.) Please speak to Dr. Bray **