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Our NOW Workshop has been rescheduled to September 25, 2010.

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Good News for Tappers Everywhere.  Just out is the best study to date showing the power of TFT to change lives.  The peer reviewed International Journal of Emergency Mental Health (Vol 12., No.1 Pp.41-47) just published “Treatment of PTSD in Rwandan Child Genocide Survivors Using Thought Field Therapy.”  Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the authors – Caroline Sakai, Suzanne Connolly, and Paul Oas- we now have another systemic study with accepted measures showing almost all the children using TFT were healed from clinical PTSD.   50 children are better from using TFT.  But all of us who use TFT already knew this is the norm.  Now we have another way to persuade those uncertain of trying TFT.  This study had a follow-up a year after the treatments proving it held up over time. This evidences that TFT works is what is needed by many mainstream service providers, professional organizations, and those who have never tried TFT to get started.   Well written with solid information and a couple of moving case histories the authors work is to be applauded.

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