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Hi! I’m Bob Bray,
and I exist for one reason and one reason only:
to reduce suffering in the world.

Lofty? Idealistic? Outlandish? Some people might think that way; but clearly, I’m not one of those people.
In fact, I’m confident I play a vital role in alleviating the pain associated with trauma and that I was born to do so on a global scale.

In my formative years, news headlines centered on JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Watergate, and Vietnam. Riots, corruption and needless killing were topics of every day conversations. It was clear to me early in life that justice and peace could only be found if people learned how to break free from the entrapment of fear, anger and violence—the three emotions that were the driving force behind the evil that seemed to control American culture. That’s why I started volunteering at the campus help center at S.D.S.U. It was a place where scared, lonely, addicted and suicidal students sought refuge. It was here that I got my feet wet using many of the skills I use in my practice and teach in my workshops today—more than 30 years later.
For more than 20 years I was high-functioning addict. Even though I knew plenty about addiction treatment and substance abuse, I couldn’t seem to quench my personal addiction—even though I desperately wanted to, and I tried many, many times.
Against my wife’s wishes, I attended a four day seminar (that we really couldn’t afford at the time), to learn more about TFT from its founder, Dr. Roger Callahan and how I could integrate it into my work. It was when I tried TFT on myself that I realized it was a game-changer. I lost the urge to get high and kicked my 20 year addiction in four days and I knew I had to share this powerful emotional-healing practice with the world.
I spent the next several years training directly under Dr. Callahan, eating up every ounce of wisdom he shared. I served as his assistant and eventually, a trainer in his organization.
I love to learn. Perhaps that explains why I earned my Master’s in Social Work and my Doctorate in Psychology. It also explains why I can never earn enough certifications. I’m certified by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) as a Diplomate, the Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist (CTTS) by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS.) Clearly, I love what I do.
I’ve had the privilege of playing a part in the healing of thousands of people from all around the world using TFT. I wrote a book on it. I released an app for it. I got TFT recognized by the NREEP (the National Registry of Evidence Based Practice.) And I’ve taught thousands of first responders, clergy, health and wellness practitioners and more how to integrate it into their daily work and give a voice to those who don’t have one.

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