Three ways to speed up Algorithms Using Muscle Testing

Previously a three-day long training, the first two-day Causal Diagnostic (Intermediate level) workshop took place last weekend and was a success. It confirmed Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy Causal Diagnostic can be taught completely and practiced to build the participant’s confidence in this condensed format. Using the techniques Dr. Callahan used to discover and develop TFT is the quickest way to understand how this revolutionary and powerful approach is used in all forms of healing.

In my practice I use Causal Diagnostics most of the time but there are reasons to use Algorithms. When you or someone you are helping is familiar and comfortable with the standard tapping patterns using a bit of Muscle Testing makes the work faster. We found Muscle Testing can be used:

  • to select the Algorithm to be used
  • to identify the level of Psychological Reversal to be corrected
  • and to assure the Perturbation is completely resolved

The next two day Causal Diagnostic workshops will be in San Diego on June 25th and 26th. You must have completed a live or online CallahanTechniques® approved Algorithms training (Basic level) before the Causal Diagnostic workshop. Those who have attended a TFT Boot Camp may come as a review for a minimal fee.

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