The Differences Between the Basic and Intermediate Levels of TFT Training Treatment

I was recently asked to clarify the differences between the Basic and Intermediate Levels of TFT Training Treatment. I hope this will help.
While both the Basic approach using standard tapping patterns (Algorithms) and Causal Diagnosis (DX) taught in the Intermediate Level workshops heal fast and safely the distinction is like doing the scheduled maintenance on your car or having a complete evaluation including using a computer plugged in to the engine. Another way to think of it is like matching a color to repair your home- you could take a paint chip and eyeball it to one of the hundreds of the printed samples, or using a spectrophotometer analysis create the perfect color formula.
I hope this makes the point – one will usually get the job done but the other will get is done right the first time saving time and effort.
Once you begin to study Callahan Techniques®Thought Field Therapy the answer is easily seen. A more technical response to the question of the difference between Basic and Intermediate training and treatment is in the following table.

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