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PTSD/Traumatic Stress Addictive Urges Depression * Phobias Anxiety * Panic * Grief

You will find something here that works.

You are here because you need or want information or help to heal. Here are the tools you need for real healing in your life. For over 30 years I have been helping people heal from Traumatic Stress, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Sexual Problems, Compulsive over-eating, outbursts of anger or rage and drinking or self-medicating too much.
Are you unable to calm down and enjoy your life? These issues or symptoms of the trauma you’ve experienced can be likened to psychological “open wounds”. As with most open wounds, they require a large amount of your energy and attention until they heal. You can learn to heal your wounds. I invite you to explore this website and please contact me if you have any questions about me or the work that I do. My life’s work is dedicated to helping people like you to heal the wounds of your traumatic past and anxiety or depression from all sources. Using the techniques discussed here you can begin to gain control and direction in your life again.

Live in Health, Love and Joy.  Live NOW!

What does that mean, Live NOW?  NOW? Well, for you to create change and live fully in the present moment you must not be held in the past by unhealed aspects of what has happened to you previously. You must heal the open wounds created by your past traumatic experiences. In this website and in the workshops I offer, and in my book, Heal Traumatic Stress NOW, I teach the healing technique called Thought Field Therapy, or TFT. Click here to learn more about TFT and to learn about this cutting edge healing technique. Whatever you learn from this website and my book, I hope you learn to be more kind and patient with yourself and to keep moving forward on your life’s journey to more health, love and joy!


“Dr. Bray has demonstrated an excellent pragmatic understanding of TFT and has an outstanding ability to teach the skills of TFT in a comprehensible and useful manner.”

—Roger Callahan, PhD

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